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Many classes of students are using computers for a variety of purposes across a variety of subjects. computers are being used by students in innovative ways in a variety of subject areas. Table 1 shows that the majority of our schools fall into the category of not started or beginning. At the same time however, the survey indicates 15% of CBE schools exist at the proficient or innovative use category. This is known as a critical mass in the change literature and indicates that the CBE Technology Plan is an achievable goal. included the basic integrated software package as well as several software packages that supported learning in other subject areas.

Software was available for use in a variety of subject areas and to provide a variety of learning opportunities across grade levels. According to Table 2, the majority of schools fall into the minimal and adding category. A school was labelled as beginning if it had technology and used it in any way with any students. Proficient schools were using technology with several classes of students and using several applications. Innovative schools were utilizing technology in creative ways to change the teaching /learning Home Inspection environment.

Minimal software is identified as utility software that was prepackaged with the computer hardware purchase or shareware type programs. The adding category identified situations where schools had added to the software pool to broaden the range of opportunities to students but was still limited in scope. The diverse category indicated situations where a variety of software is available for use across many subject areas and grades to enhance teaching and learning. Table 3 identifies the number of teachers who are using technology in the school.

The question categorized teacher use under the following; some, some and the specialist, specialist only, most and all. The survey indicates the majority of teachers have a least some use of technology skills. Teacher use of technology does not automatically translate to student use in the classroom. Table 4 indicates that computers are housed mostly in congregated settings, either the library or a computer lab.